Gaijin/Waiguren Girl.

I’m Alex, a Romanian born in 1991 who’s travelling the world by living in different countries. I’m 170 cm, average weight and normal brown hair and hazel eyes. But I’m a “外人, gaijin” or a “外国人, waiguoren”, so nothing normal about that.

I moved to China in August 2014 and in Japan in August 2016. I studied Japanese in university and Chinese in China, but that didn’t help with the culture shock and the experiences that I’ve been through. So this blog is about how it is to move from a European country to an Asian one. Maybe in the future I’ll extend it to other countries, but for now let’s stick to China and Japan.

Why did I start this blog? Many people were surprised that I’ve lived in both China and Japan and the first question in their mouth was “which do you like best?”. I could never answer this question and it took so long to explain why. I’m gonna talk here about everything that I liked and hated while living in these amazing countries: moving to a new apartment, food, dating, drinking, traveling and many many many (めっちゃ, meccha) more. You will also see the most used words in these countries and how they influence the life of a foreigner (hence the name: gaijing/waiguoren). I’ll be funny and critical, maybe offensive, but always try to tell the truth (from me and my friends’ perspective).

If you have questions you can leave them in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Don’t be internet trolls or assholes, nobody likes them, and as my optimistic side would say “it’s easier to like than to hate”. So thanks for reading and can’t wait to read your comments! ^^



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