I’m hungry: food in Japan or China?

A lot of you guys have asked me which food I like best, Chinese or Japanese food. Now I like both, but when I first moved to Asia it was completely different.

Coming from a country with a lot of meat and potatoes and bread, the change to Asian rice and fish was indeed a culture shock. A colleague from my university who was studying in China had warned me about Chinese food and how she god sick for the first 2 weeks from it. I was lucky not to get sick, but I couldn’t eat meat for a few weeks when I first arrived in China. Everything looked oily and disgusting. The rice was dry and barely chew-able. The free lunch from the kindergarten cafeteria was just a way of making me feel more like a spoiled brat. But after a while I discovered some Chinese food that I really liked: baozi包子 (Chinese bun with meat or vegetables inside), fried noodles, any broccoli and cauliflower dish, omelet with tomatoes (the less sweet kind) and of course, my favorite – qiezi茄子(eggplant dishes).

The food in China is way cheaper, compared with the one in Japan. But the food quality in Japan cannot be beaten by any other country. The raw meat in sushi and the vegetables which you can find in any dish, they all make Japanese food healthier that any kind of food that I’ve ever eaten. You can find healthy food in China too, if you know where to look (I miss the steamed vegetables and BBQ so much!). And China has a higher advantage of healthiness against Japan: fruits! The fruits are very expensive in Japan, unlike China where farmers come and sell them in the city for very low prices.

The taste buds are different from person to person, so if I would tell you which kind of food is better, most of you would probably have a different taste. So why not go to China and Japan and enjoy the real food by yourself?





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